Design Your Silk Christmas Tree Skirt By Color

Round Christmas tree skirt with Regal Purple design on pale gold diamond quilted silk

Quickly find the sparkling Design Element for your custom made silk Christmas tree skirt by the dominant color of its' decorations and trim. I've organized them by the most popular Christmas colors to make it easy for you to compare all of the Design Elements and Themes in the color of your choice.

As you can imagine, red and green will have the greatest selection of Themes because they are the most popular Christmas colors. But almost every Design Element has multiple colors in it.  I can highlight or attempt to match any color in your Design Element with your choice of color trim or in one of the available multiple color flourishes. And if you want a flourish color that is not shown as an option, drop me a line in the "Comments" box of the cart when you place your order.

Take advantage of the discounts and start your Layaway 2-4 months before November 1st. In other words, the four month payment plan should be started by the first of July; three months by August; two months by the first of September. Planning to give a custom-made silk Christmas tree skirt to your loved one? Here are a few tips to help you personalize it and make the perfect choice.

 Every year, you will look forward to decorating your Christmas tree and covering that ugly tree base by wrapping it with a luxurious silk Christmas tree skirt. :-)

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