Media: A New Twist on a Christmas Holiday Standard

A New Twist on a Holiday Standard:
Themed, Custom-Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts.

News provided by: I Love Christmas!
PITTSBURGH, PA Oct 17, 2019, 10:13 ET
Updated: February 19, 2020.

Give some love and special attention to the area under your Christmas tree!

I Love Christmas! enters the Christmas Home Décor Market with Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts in a variety of silk fabrics, trims and holiday themes. Themed silk Christmas tree skirts are perfect for high-end homes and holiday decorators who want to extend the impact of their holiday decor with an elegant, sparkling solution under the Christmas tree. Trade show booth and store owners can coordinate with their holiday products to create a more spectacular display. The skirts are available in unique shapes: hexagon, square and rectangular and can be used under a tree on the floor or on top of a table with or without a Christmas tree. Customers can design a skirt with or without a neck opening, lining, rope trim or fringe. All custom skirts include a 10-year Workmanship Warranty.

When asked how the business was started Walker replied: "Like most entrepreneurs, I started this business to ‘scratch my own itch’ for a real silk Christmas tree skirt made with high-quality silk fabric - no skimping on the quantity of elegant, sparkling decorations;” said E. P. Walker, I Love Christmas designer. "Thanks to my mother and Mrs. Clark, my 4th grade Home Economics teacher, I could make one. Everyone who saw mine also wanted one. Their custom made silk tree skirts have become a treasured possession that they are proud to own."

Details of the custom made silk Christmas tree skirts and a list of the available themes can be seen at Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts.  The themes range from traditional to free-form decorative. Other traditional, Christmas-related designs or themes may be available upon request.

The completed, custom-made Christmas tree skirts are also available at I Love Christmas,, Etsy and other marketplaces around the web.

To learn more about I Love Christmas! and more of their Christmas holiday decorations, visit or KCIC Christmas

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