Media: A New Twist on a Christmas Holiday Standard

A New Twist on a Holiday Standard:

Silk Christmas Tree Skirts decorated with Custom-Made Themes

News provided by: I Love Christmas!
PITTSBURGH, PA Oct 17, 2020, 10:13 ET
Updated: February 19, 2021.

Cover that ugly Christmas tree stand! Give some love and special attention to the area under your Christmas tree.

I Love Christmas! enters the Christmas Home Décor Market with Silk Christmas Tree Skirts Custom Made in a variety of silk fabrics, trims and holiday themes. Themed silk Christmas tree skirts are perfect for high-end homes and holiday decorators who want to extend the impact of their holiday decor and cover the base of a Christmas tree stand with an elegant, sparkling solution under the Christmas tree. Trade show booth and store owners can coordinate with their holiday products to create a more spectacular display. The skirts are available in unique shapes: hexagon, square and rectangular and can be used under a tree on the floor or on top of a table with or without a Christmas tree. Customers can design a skirt with or without a neck opening, lining, rope trim or fringe, covering the base of their Christmas tree stand with a unique decoration.

All custom skirts include a 1-year Workmanship Warranty, gift packaging, provision for off-season storage and an Emergency Repair Kit. 

When asked how the business was started Walker replied: "Like most entrepreneurs, I started this business to ‘scratch my own itch’ for a real silk Christmas tree skirt made with high-quality silk fabric - no skimping on the quantity of elegant, sparkling decorations;” said E. P. Walker, I Love Christmas designer. "Thanks to my mother and Mrs. Clark, my 4th grade Home Economics teacher, I could make one. Everyone who saw mine also wanted one. Their custom made silk tree skirts have become a treasured possession that they are proud to own."

Details of the custom made silk Christmas tree skirts and a list of the available themes can be seen at Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirts.  The themes range from traditional to free-form decorative. Other traditional, Christmas-related designs or themes may be available upon request.

The completed, custom-made Christmas tree skirts are also available at I Love Christmas,, Etsy and other marketplaces around the web.

To learn more about I Love Christmas! and more of their Christmas holiday decorations, visit or KCIC Christmas

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Custom made silk Christmas tree skirt press news release from I Love Christmas!

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