Discount Plans

How To Save Money on Your Custom Made
Silk Christmas Tree Skirt

My unique, hand-made Christmas tree skirts are expensive because I use:

  • Top Quality, Upholstery Grade Silk Fabrics from America's top fabric design houses
  • Unique Elegant Beaded, Sequined, Embroidered Decorations
  • Custom Designed or Premium Quality Lining Fabrics
  • Well-made Trims from America's best-known Fabric and Trim Manufacturers

You can save more money on your custom made silk Christmas tree skirt if you take one or more of the following steps:

$99 (+tax) SPECIAL: Get your 48" hexagon Christmas tree skirt
before December 31, SAVE $66. Act Now!!

1) USE THE COUPON CODE DISCOUNT: To save money and make the silk tree skirt of your dreams more affordable, use Coupon Code "ILC77" at checkout. The amount of the discount will vary according to the season but, you will always save money when it is offered. Sorry, but 7% PA sale tax is applied at checkout.

2) CHOOSE THE UNLINED OPTION. An unlined Tree skirt costs less to produce both in time and materials. So, choosing it will keep your cost down. The hem of the unlined tree skirt has a finishing treatment and that cost is factored in. Stitches to hold the decorations in place may show on the backside of an unlined tree skirt. And, the backside of the fabric may not be as attractive without a lining. Be sure to Order a fabric sample to see both sides of the fabric you want.

In short, the more custom options you add, the more expensive the tree skirt will be. And, I will be happy to work with you - whichever option/s you choose! :-)

3) CHOOSE A FABRIC OTHER THAN PURE SILK: if available, silk blend fabrics in neutral and holiday jewel tone colors are an option and will save you between $15-$25. I do not stock them so, contact me for availability. 

4) SELECT A DIFFERENT SIZE TREE SKIRT: Prices on the site are based on a Hexagon skirt 48" x 48". If I can make your hexagon, rectangular or square tree skirt with less fabric yardage, you will save money.  Please note: some Design Elements are too large to be used on a 36"x36" or smaller silk Christmas tree skirt and that info will be in the product Description or the Specs.  Custom size options can be selected in the Options menu. Or, contact me if you need a size not listed.

5) FREE SHIPPING: will save you money. Most of my tree skirts cost between $15 and $25 to ship depending upon your location. Free shipping for USA customers is already in the cart so, you will not see a shipping charge at checkout. International customers (for the countries to which we ship) will see your USPS shipping options.

6) LAY-AWAY PLANS: Own an elegant, luxurious, hand-made in the USA silk Christmas tree skirt without straining your budget! Purchase and spread the cost over 2 to 4 months.

Take advantage of the payment plan and start your Layaway 2-4 months before November 1st. In other words, the four month payment plan should be started by the first week of July; three month plan by first week of August; two month plan by the first first week of September. Buying to give a custom-made silk Christmas tree skirt to your loved one? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Work on your tree skirt will begin after 1/2 of the total amount due is paid. When payment is completed, the item will be shipped. Please complete your Payment Plan on or before November 30 to get your tree skirt before Christmas. Use the special LAY-BUYS PAYMENT PLAN to space out your payments from 2- 4 months.

  1. AFFORDABLE:  Select the 2-Month, 3-Month or 4-Month Payment Plan at checkout.
  2. SECURITY: Payments are processed within a secure environment. Use any major credit card and/or your Paypal account.
  3. CONVENIENCE: Payments are automatically set up with no intervention unless a payment is missed.
  4. FLEXIBLE: You can also change the length or amount of any pending payment. Prepay with no penalty.

Consumers Steps

Questions about signing up for Lay-buys Payment Plan? More information is available about their process and services on the Lay-Buys website. I can also arrange a custom payment plan through Paypal if you wish.

Just think, in a few weeks, the luxurious silk Christmas tree skirt that you've always wanted can be yours! It will add just the right touch to your holiday decorating. You will enjoy it for many years to come.  :-)


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