Personalize a Custom Made Christmas Tree Skirt

Make A Silk Tree Skirt Uniquely Yours...

The answers to these questions will help you choose the perfect Design Element for your silk Christmas tree skirt. :-)  


Your silk tree skirt can match or complement the theme of a collection of ornaments,
the colors of your holiday home decor or a period theme in your home decor.

Personalize Your Custom Made Silk Christmas Tree Skirt to fit:

  • the type of ornaments you collect ( pendant, round, etc.);
  • the theme of the ornaments that you collect;
  • the color of ornaments that you collect ( red, blue, etc.) OR
  • the colors of your home decor;
  • the style of your home decor (rustic, modern, traditional, etc.) OR,
  • the color and style of your Christmas tree (real or artificial; full pine, alpine, country, metal ornament tree, twig, etc.)

Say, for example, you or the person you are gifting collects bells. Design Elements can be assembled that will create a Christmas-related theme incorporating bellsPlease note:  I reserve the right to use my creativity with traditional Christmas-related themes and symbols that celebrate the highest and best elements of the holiday season. Here are the currently available custom Christmas tree skirt themes.

Where Will You Place Your Christmas Tree?

Everyone who decorates for the Christmas holiday has one or more favorite places in the home to set their Christmas tree. When considering the size and color of your silk tree skirt, consider where yours will ultimately lay. Will the tree sit on the floor, a stair landing, a tabletop, a piano? Measure the space to be sure the tree skirt will be sized correctly to lie flat and not appear to be either too large or too small for your display space. If laying your custom tree skirt on a tabletop, measure the flat surface and the length you want the tree skirt decoration to hang over the edge facing into your room.

I recommend placing it indoors in an area that will not be subject to extremes of temperature, direct sunlight, untrained pets or small children. If your Christmas tree skirt will lay under a live tree, plan in advance how you will water the tree while the skirt is under it.  If your tree skirt covers the tree base, cover the opening of the tree skirt with clear plastic before watering. If your base sits on top of the skirt, keep some paper towels handy to quickly blot up spills.  You will not need any special accommodations for an artificial tree.

Choosing Your Fabric:

At the present time, all of my fabrics are decorator or upholstery quality 100% silk-taffeta, shantung, faille or dupioni. You may be able to see the slubs and variations in the fabric which are common for natural silk. I use only these fabrics because they are inherently sturdy, look more elegant, feel good in your hand and lay better. Unless otherwise stated, the silk fabrics I choose are rated to resist wear (rubs) from the type of abrasion one would normally have in a home setting. The fabrics have been treated to be stain-resistant (according to the manufacturer.) The silk fabric is reinforced and the back is unlined.

My Christmas Tree Skirts are one-piece construction, machine and hand-stitched. Design Elements are applied permanently. Your custom-made silk Christmas tree skirt is covered by a 10-year workmanship guarantee. Should any decoration come loose under normal wear, I will repair it for you at no charge.

What Shape Should I Select?

Your tree skirt can be designed to cover a tabletop or lay on the floor. Square or Hexagon skirts can be used on a tabletop or on the floor. Rectangular tree skirts with or without a center neck opening can go under a tabletop Christmas tree. For example, if your Christmas tree sits in a decorative cast iron base, a tree skirt with no neck opening under it, will be perfect. Although not listed among the shape options, I can do round tree skirts with or without a neck opening. You can select the type of neck opening that you need in the Available Options listed with each set of tree skirt Design Elements. You can also select the fabric, trim, lining, flourish colors and shape options.

The decorated area of most skirts ranges from 18"-24" depending upon the fabric and layout. The Design Elements can be mounted to lay flat or on the side of the skirt facing into your room - especially if you buy one of the Design Elements featuring a decorated Christmas tree. Use that style under a metal or twig Christmas tree, as a substitute for putting up a Christmas tree or to add the feel of a decorated Christmas tree in a room where there is none. Here a few examples of custom silk Christmas tree skirts made for other clients.

If you are ordering a hex, square or rectangular skirt in a custom size that is not in the product description, I will need :

  1. Your measurements for the flat surface you are covering;
  2. The length of overhang you want on the side facing into the room;
  3. Hex and round skirt sizes not in the "Available Options" can be made to your specs AND
  4. I will need the measurements of the area in which you are laying the tree skirt AND
  5. There will be an additional charge for extra fabric, custom fabrics or trims/fringes which are not currently in stock.

What Color Should I Select?

Here again, you have a great deal of latitude to match the colors or theme of your ornament collection or your colors and decor of your home. I prefer to use neutral color in the gold, silver, cream - warm tan color range and jewel tones associated with the holiday season. These colors blend with any home decor and will not overpower your decorations. The Online Auction Color Chart has an example of the neutral color range of fabrics. Jewel tone fabrics are subject to availability. If you want to see a color not seen on the Online Auction Chart, let me know. If I can find it, I will price it for you and let you know what (if any) additional charge(s) will be incurred.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and it is okay to indulge yourself! :-)

NOTE:  computer monitors display colors differently. Therefore, fabrics may not match the colors that you see on the Auction Chart.  To be sure of the color you want, order a sample fabric swatch.


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