Design Your Custom Made Christmas Tree Skirt By Theme

Design Element of Snow Mama With Snow Babies

Because so many of my customers have a specific design theme for their ornaments or holiday decorations, I thought to save time and make it easy for you to find your unique Design Element by grouping them according to a theme. The silk Christmas tree skirt Design Elements and themes below are in stock right now. With the exception of the Design Elements used on the Embroidered Gold (EG) and Embroidered Cream (EC) fabrics, there is only one set of Design Elements available per custom silk Christmas tree skirt. If the design set you want is sold out, the available quantity will show on the Product Page as "0". Please contact me by email or phone and ask if I can locate the out of stock Design Elements and/or fabric before placing a back order.

Be sure to take advantage of the discounts and start your Layaway 2-4 months before November 1st. In other words, the four month payment plan should be started by the first of July; three months by August; two months by the first of September. Planning to give a custom-made silk Christmas tree skirt to your loved one? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Recommended Fabric Color/s for each Design Element:
C=Cream/Ivory; G=Gold or S=Silver
EC=Embroidered Cream; EG= Embroidered Gold


G  -  Blue Robed Angel with a Horn and Miniature Angels

CS - Cream Angel – Purple and Silver Wings

CS - Cream Angel - Burgundy and Silver Wings

CS - Cream Angel – Red and Silver Wings

CS - Cream Angel – Royal Blue and Silver Wings

CS - Cream Angel – Silver Flourishes

EG - Cream Angel/Star, Mini Angels & Swarovski Rhombus (2)

CG - Gold Robed Angel with Horn and Miniature Angels

G - Turquoise Guardian Angel with Turquoise Flourishes

G - Turquoise Guardian Angel with Flourishes


G - Christmas Bells in a Vertical Arrangement

CG - Sequined Christmas Bells with Royal Blue Flourishes

CS - Silver Bells with Silver Flourishes

CG - Gold Bells with Gold Flourishes


G - Bugle Bead Christmas Tree with Gifts

CG - Christmas Tree with Candy Canes

G - Christmas Trees in a Circle of Gifts

G - Christmas Tree with Red Ornaments

G - Four Christmas Trees w/Red Gifts

G - Four Christmas Trees w/Green Gifts

G - Large Christmas Tree with Gift Boxes

G - Three Bugle Beaded Trees and Green Gifts

G - Three Bugle Beaded Trees and Red Gifts

G - Two Trees with Green & Gold Gifts and Flourishes


G - Beaded Candles with Gold Flourishes

G - Burgundy / Cranberry Crowns with Nativity Scene

CG - Candy Cane Arrangement

G - Candy Canes and Gingerbread Houses

GS - Childrens Christmas Gifts and Toys

G - Christmas Candelabra with Royal Blue Flourishes

EC - Gold Nativity Theme with Star and Flourishes (2)

GS - Grown-Up Gifts Wish List

GS - Navy and Royal Blue Hearts w/Blue Flourishes

G - Poinsettias in Bloom

G - Santa's On Their Way

GC- Santa in a Locomotive with Gifts

EC - Silver Nativity Theme with Star and Flourishes (2)

EG - Silver Star, Swarovski Rhombus Mini Angels (2)

G - Snowman with Snowflakes

G - Snow Mama with Mini Snow Babies

G - Tis the Season: Stockings and Candy Canes

G - Tis the Season: Wreath & Symbols of the Holiday Season

S - Turquoise Gifts with Cerise/Fuchsia Flourishes

G - Turquoise Gifts with Turquoise Flourishes


GS - Regal Purple with Flourishes

GS - Regal Royal Blue with Flourishes

G -  Red Epaulets with Flourishes

GS - Royal Blue Hearts with Silver Flourishes (2)

CS - Teal Fleur-de-Lis Free Form

GS - Teal Sequined Fleur-de-Lis

GS - Burgundy Beaded

GS - Burgundy Dangles

Be sure to visit the Photo Gallery with magnified views of available fabrics and trims. If you want a silk fabric or traditional Christmas-related theme for your custom made silk Christmas tree skirt which is not shown on my site, call or email me so that we can discuss your needs.

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